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23-Aug-2016 18:04

In other words the HTML has been filtered out of the contents.

Pass if the text IS found on the text version of the page.

--- Looking through the Feeds documentation, we find the statement "Feed: aggregation importer. Provides a node type Feed and a node type Feed item.

Create one or more "Feed" nodes to add RSS/Atom feeds to your site.

However, if a page is redirected or HTTP authentication is in use, multiple requests will be required to retrieve the…

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Normally we are only interested in the headers returned by the last request.I've noticed that on simplefeed and feedparser one runs out of memory if cron is set to parse a large number of feeds. id=33595 Simple Pie objects are full of circular and self references so basically no object gets destroyed until the end of the cron run, each feed you load and parse remains in memory until the end.