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Therefore to handle this error, we simply assume an Excel value of 60 to correspond to 1/3/1900. Note: Excel stores dates as sequential serial numbers so that they can be used in calculations.Your best insurance is to learn the troublesome words that trip up writers and use them correctly by the standards of formal, written English.When I paste a large amount of data into Excel containing dates as far back as the 1800s, the recent dates display correctly as valid dates, but the older dates automatically convert to text. Excel handles dates occurring on or after 1/1/1900 perfectly (1/1/1904 in Excel for Mac as a default), but earlier dates are problematic.Two suggestions for overcoming this particular date issue as they pertain to date calculations are as About the author J.Carlton Collins ([email protected]) is a technology consultant, a CPE instructor, and a Jof A contributing editor.As examples, Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas followed Spain's conversion approach, and as a result, the dates Oct. 14, 1582, are not recognized as having occurred in those states. Oregon, Washington, and the Eastern Seaboard followed England's approach, and as a result, the dates Sept. The most frequently occurring problem caused by this issue relates to sorting date lists composed of dates both before and after Jan. To sort /1/1900 dates, you can reformat them using the yyyy/mm/dd custom format; for example, July 4, 1776, would appear as 17760704, and all dates formatted in this manner would sort properly.The Mississippi Valley area followed France's approach, and as a result, that locality does not recognize the dates Dec. However, if you need to actually perform calculations using these dates, you have a bigger problem that cannot be solved by changing the format.

Another option is to adjust Excel's two-digit-year interpretation settings, as follows. Carlton Collins ([email protected]) is a technology consultant, a CPE instructor, and a Jof A contributing editor.

To Date Time(double) method throws an Invalid Cast Expression, so standard conversion doesn’t work.

If you look a bit deeper into it (here is a very comprehensive page on the topic), you will discover some interesting idiosyncrasies of the date encoding in Excel.

In the example below, cell A5 contains the date that we want to increase and decrease by 7 days (the value in C5).

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My future value calculations don't make any sense (see the spreadsheet below).

A table typically contains related data in a series of worksheet rows and columns that have been formatted as a table.