Most intimidating college football stadiums 2016

07-Aug-2016 14:15

most intimidating college football stadiums 2016-28

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It's too bad the team hasn't looked as good as its field.

» Complete 14 for '14 series What does it take to have a great stadium?

The nine in each end zone total 18 and each line is at a 42 degree angle, symbolizing the year 1842, the school's inaugural year.

However, while I appreciate the tradition, the design is boring.

Playing a road game in the NFL can be a daunting task.

most intimidating college football stadiums 2016-53

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Without further ado, here’s the list you’re going to hate no matter what.What follows is an extremely subjective ranking of the 25 best entrances in college football, skewed heavily toward those featuring animals and/or vehicles.Some schools lost points for not having cool You Tube videos of their entrances.We see it every week in the numerous false-start penalties and 12-men on-field infractions that teams are flagged for during games.

most intimidating college football stadiums 2016-23

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While a loud crowd isn't solely responsible for these mistakes, the intensity and passion of the fans can definitely make a difference in how efficiently a visiting team can run its offense.

In fact, Boise State was almost banned from wearing all-blue jerseys at home due to the possible confusion before the Broncos used their insistence on wearing blue as a bargaining chip for agreeing to stay in the Mountain West.