Psychologists dating patients

20-Jun-2016 11:11

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Art therapists work to avert or assist in the management of such negative outcomes, to the extent possible, by use of appropriate therapeutic interventions and by taking steps to ensure continuity of care when appropriate.Top of Page American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Ethics Code, 2015 1.9 Relationship Beneficial to Client.It seems to me that consent in these circumstances cannot be an answer to an allegation of misconduct.” 55 There are a number of relevant Australian cases concerning relationships between medical practitioners and former patients.The medical profession does not have a firm rule prohibiting all sexual relationships with former patients, nor does it have anything like the inflexible two-year rule now applicable to psychologists.14.5 Art therapists ensure, to the extent that it is possible, a termination process of sufficient duration so as to promote a smooth transition for the clients to another mental health practitioner or to independent functioning.

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One of my colleagues actually said to me, 'Did I tell you about the time a fellow therapist and I fell for a set of identical twins?

…In my opinion to confine the concept of exploitation to duress, manipulation, coercion or pressure would be to abrogate the therapist’s responsibility to make a professional decision to refrain from submitting to the wishes of the client or even a former client.