Tree dating jamestown great dismal swamp

14-Apr-2016 19:55

Trees like white cedar, northern white cedar, eastern hemlock, eastern white pine, pitch pine, loblolly pine and black spruce are common in conifer swamps.

Hardwood swamps have trees like red maple, black willow, aspen, cottonwood, ashes, elms, swamp white oak, pin oak, tupelo and birches.

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Cypress trees grow very quickly after a fire and re-establish themselves before other trees have a chance to grow!

He helped uncover the English colony at Jamestown, Va., and is working with the National Park Service to conduct digs on Roanoke Island.

"This is one of the hardest archaeological puzzles imaginable," said Klingelhofer, who serves as vice president of the First Colony Foundation, a research team of archaeologists and historians founded three years ago to dig at Fort Raleigh on Roanoke Island.

In all the years since, no one has found much of anything else.

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— After trudging for two hours through thick vegetation to a blurry mark found on Google Earth, George Ray started making up a song: "If you're lost, I'll find you tomorrow," he sang in a thick Southern drawl. Ray is one of the many amateur archaeologists entranced by the Lost Colony — the 117 English settlers who disappeared from North Carolina's Outer Banks in the late 1500s, having left behind only a single clue to their fate.Between 1609 to 1610, lack of local food and replenishment of supplies from England, and inability to cope with disease led to the "starving time", which only 60 colonists survived.

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